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  • Online Calendar Personal

  • $9.99 /Per year

  • Keep your home life organized!
  •   Perfect solution for individuals
  •   Keep your personal life organized
  •   Easily integrates with workspace email
  •   Works with iOS or Android™ smartphones
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  • Online Calendar For Groups

  • $12.99 /Per year

  • Keep your home life organized!
  •   Group calendar solution for up to 5
  •   Easily coordinate schedules with others
  •   Manage shared meetings & tasks
  •   Easily integrates with workspace email
  •   Works with iOS or Android™ smartphones
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  • Online Calendar Unlimited

  • $24.99 /Per year

  • The perfect solution for businesses!
  •   Unlimited users
  •   Manage shared meetings & tasks
  •   Easily coordinate schedules with others
  •   Easily integrates with workspace email
  •   Works with iOS or Android™ smartphones
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Access your Online Calendar anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.

Online Calendar

All Online Calendar Plans Include

24/7 Access

Access Your Schedule Anytime.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Easily Move Your Schedule Into and Around Your Calendar.

Attach Files & Documents

Easily Attach Files & Documents To Your Schedule.


Get Schedule Reminders by Email, Text Message or On-Screen Pop-up.

Print Your Calendar

Need To Print Your Calendar? No Worries. You Can Print by Day, Week or Month.

Synchronize Calendars

Works with calendars like Outlook®, iCal® or your iPhone or Android Calendar And Others.

Holiday Collections

Automatically Add a Holiday Collection To Your Schedule. Choose From 14 Different Collections.

24/7 Phone Sales & Support

Have Questions? Maybe Technical Issues At 3 In The Morning? No Worries. We Are Here 24 Hours A Day. Even Holidays.

Why You Should Choose Our Online Calendar 24/7 Sales & Support is a Phone Call Away!

Always be in control

Access your calendar anytime you need anywhere that has an internet connection.

  • – Quickly add a new event or task using the easy Drag and Drop feature
  • – Color code your events
  • – Create your own task list; set start and end dates and track tasks to completion
  • – Invite others to meetings or events you schedule (works with all standard calendars)
  • – Get reminders via email, text message, or screen pop-up
  • – Allow attendees to invite others to your events (optional)
  • – Add attachments to your tasks and events for all-in-one organization

Starting at just $9.99/year

Whole team on same page

Group & Unlimited Plans Only!

  • – Increase productivity with one centralized calendar updated in real time
  • – Know other team member schedules to avoid schedule conflicts
  • – Reserve shared resources such as meeting rooms
  • – Delegate who is in control of which calendars and assigning admin priveleges
  • – Share documents & files with the team
  • – Task Sharing features keeps projects and the team on track

Starting at just $12.99/year

Works with Microsoft Outlook®, other calendars & mobile devices

Easy integration with other calendars & devices

  • – Our Calendar sends and receives meeting requests to/from Microsoft Outlook®calendar
  • – Integrates seamlessly with iCal® and iPhone® calendars
  • – Synchronize with CalDAV devices and applications, including iPhone, iPad®, and Apple Mac OS X iCal®.*
  • – Use Calendar with other mobile devices or calendars by importing, exporting or subscribing to calendars

Starting at just $9.99/year

Amazing features

Do More! Integrate More!

  • – Find what you’re looking for fast. Search event and task titles and descriptions, event attendees, and Calendar users with whom you share tasks
  • – Keep personal details private and secure with password protection
  • – Adjust for employees in various parts of the country or world with support for 547 time zones
  • – Automatically add one of 14 major holiday collections or create your own
  • – Quickly print your daily, weekly or monthly schedule
  • – Improve task completion by watching your Task History tab
  • – Get more done with our Workspace Desktop Tools
  • – Seamlessly integrate with other LoveMyHost Workspace products including, EmailOnline Storage, and Fax Thru Email

Starting at just $9.99/year

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